Bringing Everyone to the Table with Molly Yeh

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Inclusive Food Made Good

32 million Americans suffer from food allergies. Unfortunately, food allergies can make family meals, get-togethers and large-format meals challenging, with many sufferers saying they opt out of social events. 

Allergy-friendly and better-for-you snack brand MadeGood teamed up with award-wining cookbook author and television host, Molly Yeh, to help address the issue with a collection of delicious allergy-friendly recipes.

Launched during Allergy Awareness Month, the MadeGood Allergy-Friendly Recipe Collection by Molly Yeh featured a selection of recipes, free of the top-eight food allergies, to help demystify allergy-friendly cooking, and inspire home chefs to cook more mindfully of people with food allergies, while still making the foods they enjoy.