Castle & Key

Reimagining Bourbon Tourism

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The Ultimate Bourbon Destination

In 2018, the founders of Castle & Key tapped Confidant to help reopen the lost jewel of Kentucky bourbon country after 40 years of abandonment.

While bourbon distilleries open all the time, Confidant worked with Castle & Key to identify all of the ways they are set apart from the rest: locally sourced ingredients, a unique recipe, industry outsider founders, a glass-ceiling-breaking master distiller and a legendary site that took years of restoration.

Through meticulous story crafting, pre-briefs with targeted media and a heavy tour campaign, Confidant made the opening of Castle & Key one of the biggest stories in bourbon country in 2018 with profiles that feature the historic site, the faces behind its restoration and a big vision for distilling the old fashioned way.

Following the launch, Confidant kept Castle & Key in the news through a robust news engine program as they geared up to launch their very first brown spirit.