A New Space for Image Makers

Environmental Design

Creating a Space for Creators

In 2019, Sony's image-makers came together to create a new kind of space in Los Angeles. It was to be a home-base for movie producers, filmmakers, cinematographers and photographers alike to find common ground, test new gear, attend events or collaborate. The space was a 10,000 square foot blank slate. So, Confidant set to work on creating a conceptual heartbeat for the space as a whole, and each room within it. The concept was based in the evolution of storytelling, coming to life from the "campfire" fixtures with product samples, to the "amphitheater" seating, to the "printed word" in the library, to modern-day photography and modern-day filmmaking. Confidant created the experience flow within, creating the original concept, designing each room and set to work on bringing the space to life in collaboration with the design, fabrication and build team at Moniker, based in Southern California.